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Temple opening hours

The following temple opening hours have been updated and will be operational from 2nd October 2021.

Monday to Thursday - 17:30 to 18.30
Friday - 18:15 to 19.45
Saturday AM - 8:00 – 10:00
Saturday PM - 18:15–20:15
Sunday AM - 9:00 – 11.45
Sunday PM - 15:00 – 17.30

There are significant logistical preparation is needed to open the temple in a safe manner in line with the Government Covid rules and regulations. IVT is requesting the devotees to adhere to the Government Covid guidelines.

IVT is regularly assessing government and public health guidelines and updating the temple opening details on www.ivt.ie website. Kindly check the website and also facebook page for temple opening hours.

If you are willing to volunteer to service Lord Vinayaka, kindly email your interest to feedback@ivt.ie.

Please note the following:
- Abhishekam will be performed by priest as a special service on Saturday morning hours. Sponsorship slots are available for this service. Devotees willing to sponsor will be allocated based on a first come and first serve basis. Kindly email your sponsorship interest to feedback@ivt.ie.
- All the devotees are requested to wear socks all the times inside the temple.
- Devotees can offer donations using card facilities at the temple or using the link Donate or offering in Hundi.
- Kindly do not bring fruits / flowers / prasadam to the temple.

Your support and co-operation during Covid-19 restriction is much appreciated.

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Shuklaambaradharam vishnum, shashi varnam chatur bhujam, prasanna vadanam dhyaayet, sarva vighna upashaanthaye


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