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Special Celebrations for the month of January 2020

-1st January - Wednesday
08:00-10:00 hrs Prathakala pooja,Abishekam to Vinayaka , Alankaram, Sankatanasana Sthothram, Manthra pushpam and Maha Deeparadhana
10:00-13:00 hrs Ashtothra Archanas
13:00-14:00 hrs Temple Closed
14:00-20:00 hrs Ashtothra Archanas
Special Archanas such as Trisathi and Sahasranamavali will be performed only on request.
Prior notice will be appreciated to avoid delays to devotees performing Ashtothra Archanas.

-6th January - Monday - Vaikunda/Vaikunta Ekadasi

-8th January - Wednesday - Pradhosam

-10th January - Friday - Arudra Darshan

-13th January - Monday - Sankatahara Chathurthi

-14th January - Tuesday - Bhogi Festival / Makara Jyothi

-15th January - Wednesday - Sankranti / Pongal / Makar Sankranti

-22nd January - Wednesday - Pradhosam

-23rd January - Thursday - Masa Sivarathri

Thanking in advance for your support.
May VINAYAKA's blessings be with you all the time.

With Best Regards, IVT Committee