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Group Deepa Pooja (Vilakku Pooja)

Dear All,

IVT is organising Group Rudrabishekam on Sunday 11th August from 9:30am to 12 noon.

Devotees who will be participating in the Deepa pooja are required to bring the following items:
-Small lamp - 2 nos
-Colour cloth - 1
-Oil for lamp - 100 ml
-Plate - 2
-Camphor plate (Sooda thattu/Karpoora thattu) - 1
-Bell - 1
-Panchapatra and Udharini - 1 set
-Coconut - 2
-Flower - 1 bouquet
-Banana - 4

May VINAYAKA's blessings be with you all the time.

Thanking in advance for your support.

With Best Regards, IVT Committee