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Sathyanarayana Swami Group Pooja on Sunday, 26th May 2019

Dear All,

IVT is organising a special Group Sathyanarayana Swami Pooja on Sunday, 26th May '19. Details of this program is set out below: -

Devotees willing to participate in this Sathyanarayana Swami Pooja are requested to register with IVT. The Sponsors are requested to bring the following items for the Sathyanarayana Swami Pooja: -
-Panchapatra and Udharini
-Steel plate - 1
-Steel cups - 3
-Small deepam - 2
-New unused coloured vastram for kalasam
-Flowers - 2 bouquets
-Match box
-Copper coins - 51
-Fruits - 5 different varieties
-Coconuts as per devotee needs for Katha - minimum 2
-Rice - 1/2 kg
-Bananas - 5
-Prasadam for Sathyanarayana Swami (Wheat rava kesari)

Please note Sathyanarayana Swamy Roopu will be provided by the temple.

Kindly confirm your interest by e-mail or by contacting on IVT phone.

The details of the programs and the temple opening hours are outlined as below: -

Event Schedule
Morning (9:00am - 12:00)
9:00 to 9:30 ==> Prathakala Pooja and Archana
9:00 to 9:30 ==> Sathyanarayana Swami pooja arrangements by devotees
9:30 to 12:00 ==> Sathyanarayana Swami pooja

Devotees are requested to note the following points:
-Sathyanarayana Swami Vratham will take place sharp at 9:30am. Devotees are requested to be at the temple as per the specified time to ensure the pooja commences in a timely manner.
-Vratham will be for a duration of approx 3 to 4 hours and request devotees to make a note of it and make arrangements for any children needs.
-Devotees are requested to adhere the Health and Safety rules of the center and request children are always with Parents.
-Devotees are advised to take all the pooja materials and other consumable items once the pooja is completed.
-Prasadam distribution is advised only after completion of the pooja and removal of "Swamy Mandap" by every family.
-Devotees are advised to discuss with the Priest in advance if any specific questions related to Vratham during temple opening hours on any day.
-If Devotees do not have any items in specific from the list provided please send a mail on Feedback@IVT.ie and IVT members will try to support at their best.
-The Katha will be read only in English as standard practice set by IVT by a member present with the advise of Priest unless all the devotees present understand and prefers a common language. Reading in multiple languages is not advised due to time constraints of the center.

For sponsorship please contact feedback@ivt.ie or 0868881905.

Sponsorship details are as follows: -
Sathyanarayana Swami Pooja : €51
Fruits & Flowers : €25
Astothra Archana : €5

May VINAYAKA's blessings be with you all the time.

Thanking in advance for your support.

With Best Regards, IVT Committee