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Kingswood & Priest accomodation Update

Dear Devotees,

Dear All,

As you may be aware IVT has signed a contract with Kingswood Community and Leisure Centre (KC&LC). The temple operations is likely to commence there around the last week of August ( tentatively 24th Aug) . The construction of the altar at the new premises is in progress. We will share details of the altar structure in our next update shortly.

Priest Accomodation :

To coincide with the move are also actively looking for a rental accommodation for our priest. Inspite of our best efforts we have not been successful so far in finding a suitable accommodation. Given the time at our disposal is very short, we are reaching out to you for help. If you have anything in view or come to know of one through any of your contacts we would be grateful if you would pass the information to feedback@ivt.ie as early as you can.

The criteria are :
1) One bedroom apartment close to Kingswood.
2) Alternatively anywhere along the Luas red line or any location with direct & dependable public transport
3) Safety is essential
4) Reasonable rent
An early information on any potential accomodation will be much appreciated.

May Lord VINAYAKA's blessings be with you all the time.

IVT Committee